Clam Chowder at the Seafood Peddler

If you had the chance to read the very first post on Soup-ful, Clam Chowder with Dad, you already know my love of clam chowder goes back a generation. 

So, I am always on the lookout for the best bowl of clam chowder. I try it at every seafood restaurant I come across, and if it’s a seafood restaurant by the water? All the better!

Last weekend, we took a day trip to the beautiful bayside town of Sausalito, California. Besides having a quaint downtown and gorgeous views of Angel Island and San Francisco, Sausalito has a number of great shops and restaurants. 

Nice views!

Nice views!

After unsuccessfully attempting to eat at the Herring Festival (loud, crowded and super long lines – no thanks!), we wandered a few more blocks and found the nearly empty Seafood Peddler Restaurant. Which worked for me, because where there’s seafood, there’s chowder!

Thick and full of clams, with lots of flavor from the herbs and black pepper, and a perfect balance of cream and stock, this chowder shot quickly to the top of my list!

My dad would be pleased!

My dad would be pleased!

The presentation was fun – it came out in a stainless steel dinner boat which they poured into the soup bowl. The atmosphere was fun as well, lots of sea-inspired pictures and wall decor, and the service was pleasant. Definitely try this place if you’re hungry in Sausalito!

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